I love Ms. Jazz

I joined JazzySpin in the beginning of October 2017 and have lost over 25 pounds. I made a commitment to Ms. Jazz’s personal training regimen and her cycling classes. I attended her cycling classes twice per week and sometimes four times per week if Saturday and Sunday classes were offered. Having the support of Ms. Jazz has made all the difference! I’ve had personal trainers before, however she’s the best I’ve had and I have no regrets! I’m happy with my results.

Exercise and health has become my focus and deepest commitment. In two months Ms. Jazz has taught me to stay focus and committed, be disciplined with my meal plan, stick to my routine and enjoy the journey.

If you are passionate about your goal, do not hesitate contact her. However, understand, unlike other trainers who spend their time on the phone she will work you, and give you her undivided attention.

I love Ms. Jazz and appreciate her.