I would highly recommend anyone to work with Rohan

I chose Rohan to work with because of his personal results. He is a certified running coach who has ran Boston. He not only knows how to talk the talk but walk the walk… in this case run.

I chose Rohan to help me run the NYC marathon, he worked with me over a period of months to get my stamina up and also motivated me to do this. I have always had a fear of running a marathon but with his coaching skills, guidance and support I was able to complete the NYC Marathon strong. I liked that he gave me the workout plan, but also followed up to see how it went. You felt an accountability to him, so you knew you had to complete your workout or show up for training as he would be there rain or shine. I would highly recommend anyone to work with Rohan, his patience is infinite and he is always your biggest supporter and cheerleader on your goals, large and small. He always has a ready laugh, smile and encouragement that makes you believe you can do it.