Rohan is disciplined, organized, ethical, and a very knowledgeable

Rohan is a disciplined, organized, ethical, and a very knowledgeable runner. I’ve known Rohan for a few years and have attended several of his races and it is because of these characteristics that he exemplifies during his own training/races I chose him as a coach. I had two back to back marathons, Chicago and NYC, to train for (this is my 3rd year of running, so back to back 26.2 miles is new for me) and my goal for Chicago was to finish at 4:30, which was aggressive. About the 8th week of training a quad injury flared up which caused me to adjust my goal, which is one of the things that I learned during this training cycle. Sometimes during training or even while running the marathon you may have to adjust your goal and adapt. The other is that Base salt is your friend when you sustain a muscle cramp at mile 22, which I learned from Coach Ro. With Rohan’s guidance I cautiously continued to train, though dialed back, and ran and finished the Chicago marathon. I made the decision to run NYC and Rohan cautiously guided me through recovery from Chicago and then the final two weeks of training for NYC. I ran NYC, which is a more challenging course than Chicago, and beat my Chicago time by three minutes! Rohan’s support and guidance during this 2017 training season was invaluable.