You will certainly be in great hands training under Rohan!!!

When I found out that Rohan was forming a marathon training program, I was excited and thought it would be beneficial for me to train under his guidance as I was looking to increase my speed. I knew that he was a fast and strong runner and thought that he could share tips and techniques to help me become a faster and stronger runner. And I was right!

Rohan scheduled a one-on-one run with each of us in order to gauge where we were as runners. This was a great way to assess us and use this run as a benchmark of how he thought we could improve and begin setting realistic goal times with us.

He delivered a comprehensive training program and tweaked it throughout training as necessary. He was very involved and hands on with us, always there for scheduled speed work, hill repeats and long runs.

I usually prefer to run solo, as I enjoy the alone time. However, it was such a benefit to be a part of this team because we bonded so well having a common goal. I learned a lot from watching my teammates and even improved my form as a result.

I am a firm believer that you get out of training what you put into it and I put a lot of time and effort into improving as a runner all the while being pushed out of my comfort zone by Rohan. As a result of his “push”, I achieved and exceeded my dual marathon goals beyond my wildest dream.

You will certainly be in great hands training under Rohan!!!